June 9th: Southwest Kansas Supercell

Thundershower develops at the triple point southwest of Dodge City on a warm, humid afternoon.

Storm strengthens as it passes over Dodge City.

Heading southeast to stay ahead of the storm.

Signs of rotation a few more miles to the southeast.

A small section of M.T. Liggett's wild sculptures just west of Mullinville.

Rotating storm tower a few miles northwest of Greensburg.

We're in perfect position to enjoy this spectacle of nature.

Wide-angle view as it approaches us.

Incredible structure just to our west.

Marble-size hail begins to fall just before the storm reaches us.

A few miles east on Highway 54. The storm is rapidly weakening as a caravan of Vortex 2 tornado researchers passes us.

LP supercell over the plains of Kansas.

Vertical view.

June 11th: Southeast Colorado Supercell

Evening storm develops near Las Animas, Colorado.

Beautiful structure on a great day for High Plains supercells.

The storm is moving due east, towards our position.

Close view.

With a nearby highway to take us directly away from the storm, we wait until it's upon us to leave.

An amazing sight on the High Plains.

A few miles to the east, we look back at the weakening storm.

Wall cloud develops but is soon undercut by cool outflow.

View from a few miles west of Lamar as the sun sets.

June 13th: Southeast Colorado Storm

Not a photogenic storm, but an interesting shot before we decided dinner takes priority.