April 24: Central Kansas Storm

Storm over Wilson, Kansas.

Shelf cloud at the southern edge of a thunderstorm complex in central Kansas.

Panning to the right. I use an extreme wide-angle lens since the storm is almost on top of me.

A little further in front of the storm at dusk.

Looking back to the north after sunset.

May 5: Central Texas Storm

Weak thunderstorm northeast of Abilene, Texas.

May 9: Western Oklahoma Storm

Low-topped thunderstorm in far western Oklahoma.

May 16: Southwest Oklahoma Supercell

Powerful jet stream generates an intense supercell in southwest Oklahoma.

Fantastic structure as the storm becomes tornadic.

Just southwest of Snyder, Oklahoma.

I stay well south of the developing tornado due to hoards of chasers and local sightseers (not unexpected during mid-May in Oklahoma).

May 18: Southwest Texas Storm

High-based thunderstorm near Pecos, Texas.

Storm chasers enjoying the show.

Ragged updraft in front of the thunderstorm.

Sculpture of a cattle drive near Jal, New Mexico.