Guide for Seekers

  Books that will lead you through an adventure of the soul

Leaves of Grass
These timeless poems by Walt Whitman offer a starting point for those who are just beginning to realize there's more to life than the daily routine. This book is best read when you are sitting on the beach, by a lake, in a forest or in the mountains.
Common Experience:
  Signposts on the Path to Enlightenment
This user-friendly book by J.M. Cohen and J.F. Phipps offers a roadmap to the myriad of religious and mystical philosophies competing for your attention. Reading this could save you a few years of wasted effort in the wrong direction. This book is out of print, but you can buy a used copy through the web site.
Cosmic Consciousness
Although this classic by Richard M. Bucke tries a little too hard to tie together a variety of religions and philosophies, it still succeeds in providing far-reaching insights into the myths and truths of religious and mystical beliefs.
Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon
   Survival of Bodily Death
Break-through research on near-death experiences (originally published in 1975).
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
Richard Bach offers a simple, insightful story set among hayfields in the Midwest.
Journey of Souls:
   Case Studies of Life Between Lives
Remarkable accounts of the time we spend between lives. Written by hypnotherapist Michael Newton.
Destiny of Souls:
  New Case Studies of Life Between Lives
An interesting follow-up to Journey of Souls.
Journeys Out of the Body
Robert Monroe was a very sensible and successful businessman until he inadvertently began to leave his body. This is the journal of a confused but sincere seeker thrust into a non-physical world without a meaningful explanation of what was happening to him.
Far Journeys
This is an extraordinary follow-up to Journeys Out of the Body. Robert Monroe began making sense of his out-of-body experiences and in the process gained a remarkable perspective of life on earth.
Ultimate Journey
More mind-blowing narratives from the incredible out-of-body travels of Robert Monroe.
Adventures Beyond the Body
Another insightful narrative of an out-of-body wanderer, William Buhlman.