Best Movies You've Probably Never Seen

I've always enjoyed clever, original and funny movies, particularly ones that make you think about life in a different way, or at least provide a sharply satirical perspective. And my idea of a good action movie is one that is heavy on originality and light on cliches.

But everyone's heard of Groundhog Day, Truman Show, Office Space, Matrix, Men in Black and Little Miss Sunshine, so I put together this list of the best movies that you may have never seen.

Smart and Funny Movies

Bowfinger (Steve Martin satire on Hollywood)
L.A. Story (Steve Martin satire on life in La-La land)
Best in Show (mockumentary on dog shows)
State and Main (satire on making a movie in a Vermont town)
Bullets Over Broadway (mafia mixed up in a Broadway play)
Election (satire on high school life)
Bulworth (satire on a political campaign)
The Castle (quirky Australian comedy)
Napoleon Dynamite (quirky look at high school outcasts)
Bartleby (unusual look at office life)
I Heart Huckabees (satire on New Age philosophies)
Galaxy Quest (light-hearted parody on Star Trek)

Unique and Entertaining Movies

The Player (edgy look at Hollywood)
Ronin (David Mamet European thriller)
Spanish Prisoner (another David Mamet thriller)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (mind-bending movie)
The Usual Suspects (quirky thriller)
Tailor of Panama (clever spy thriller)
Minority Report (smart science fiction with a forgettable title)
Once (subtle, charming and authentic music-centric movie)