Supercell Pointer

I've been teaching my dog, Kona, to bark when he detects a supercell, but he's started focusing too much on the radar instead of reading visual clues. This is a perfect example, on May 1, 2008 near Fredonia, Kansas:

Earlier, after convincing Kona the cap would be too strong in Oklahoma (a mistake on my part), he made a great effort to keep a good attitude and ignore the tornado warnings down south. But then he started barking at this radar image when, if he would have just looked out the window ("re-read Tim's book," I told him), the storm was clearly outflow-dominated.

Did he listen? No, but instead jumped out of the car to sulk in his crate.

Even worse, on chases during April he was always wanting me to drive straight to every shear marker instead of studying visual clues to predict the speed and direction of the main meso. But good news: as we left the Fredonia storm at dusk and heard about the great storms in Oklahoma, I told him angrily that I should have gotten a GSP instead of a Brittany. He must have believed me because he completely changed his ways. This is how Kona looks for supercells now:

Hey, I thought a few weeks later after losing another fast-moving HP on small country roads, if my dog can do it, so can I! I can't wait for next season!