April 26: Western Oklahoma Tornado

Mid-afternoon intercept, again near Wheeler, Texas. Richer moisture and better shear should result in stronger storms today.

After a long drive to get ahead of the storm, I end up near Roll, Oklahoma, in great position.

Within a few minutes after arriving, I watch a wall cloud just to my southwest produce a small grey funnel.

Closer view.

A new funnel develops just to my west.

A needle touches down.

A few moments later.

One of the best views I've ever had of a tornado.

Wide angle shot.

Magnificent display of nature.

The tornado is moving quickly northeast.

This is the type of sight I've dreamed about since the early 1980s, when I moved to Ft. Worth to find and photograph severe thunderstorms. Fourteen years after getting serious about storm chasing (in 1995 when I discovered readily accessible weather data on the Internet), a perfect view of a very scenic tornado. Persistence and patience pays!

End of a fulfilling day of chasing after a quiet beginning to the season.