June 10th: Supercell and tornado near Big Springs, Nebraska

Early in the afternoon, dryline becomes active northwest of Wray, Colorado.

Beginning of strong convection.

A closer look.

Storm develops quickly as it moves north-northeast.

Ten-minute construction delay nearly causes me to lose the storm, but I catch up in time for this sight just east of Julesburg, Colorado.

A couple of minutes later.

A few minutes later, I intercepted this tornado as it forms northwest of Big Spring, Nebraska.

Close-up view.

A minute later.

The tornado widens into the strongest I've seen to date.

I drive north a few hundred yards to get this eerie shot of a dissipating tornado.

My final tornado of a relatively active year, although I develop an even greater appreciation of the difficulty of successful storm chasing (especially after missing another big tornado opportunity only two days later).