On the first day of winter, we ride bikes to Pipeline to watch 10 to 15-foot waves. (Pam is making sure I keep my camera pointed at the surfers.)

There is something stunning about the view of Pipeline during big surf.

Over fifty surfers and bodyboarders are out.

Big Pipeline. Much beyond this size and the outer reefs are breaking instead (they lack the pitching barrels of classic Pipeline).

View at dusk. The shape of the coral reefs focuses the northwest swells towards Ehukai Beach a.k.a. Banzai Pipeline.

The view from our balcony never gets old.

Whale breaching in front of our house.

View from the living room.

Another day with 10 to 15-foot waves.

Setting up a selfie.

Big wave getting ready to break.

While the boyfriend digs in his camera bag, she takes some solo photos.

I'm guessing another Instagram photo.

Even on a perfect tropical afternoon, Ke Iki beach never gets too crowded.

Another photo shoot.

The beach is so remote that models changed outfits in front of our house.

Our vacation ends with another beautiful day in the low 70s.